Peaked Lyrics - EDEN

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Peaked Lyrics - EDEN
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Song : Peaked
Singer : EDEN
Released date : 5 May 2020

Peaked Lyrics

Dancing on my own
My feet are drawn to you
And lost at every sound
My heart can’t fade it

Mama said,
“Why you gotta waste my time?”
I threw it to the wind, no line
It’s something that
I need, no crime
The c-*call* can’t
connect this time and
The substances we craved subsided
I never want to live half sided, no

Yeah, Yeah!
But still, I persist on
I feel like we’re orphaned
My halo got all bent
I hate how I feel and
I’m not fallin’
But I say nothing
I say nothing

No, I can’t believe
you wanted me
I cannot see the lining here
I fall asleep to sounds of dreams of you
You’re losing me, losing me
Don’t lose me
Don’t lose grip on me
Feelings down on me
Heart beatdown on me
On me, on me

Starin’ at the screen
but I feel no way
Bleeding to the real-life,
f*cking up the wave
I can make you feel but
could never make you stay
What do you want from me?
What do I hope to see?
I haven’t been home in weeks
Still, I can feel loved for now
And I can accept the paths I’ve taken
And if all this dies out I’ll be good
Still, I’m down and

Dancing on my own
My feet are drawn to you
And lost at every sound
My heart can’t fade it

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