Still Hold Up Lyrics - Kevin Gates

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Still Hold Up Lyrics - Kevin Gates
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Song : Still Hold Up
Singer : Kevin Gates
Released date : 29 april 2020

Still Hold Up Lyrics

I'm built Ford tough (Carmelo)
No, this how I used to be feelin '
Killer, you heard me
(James put the check, boy)

Crossed out, hex,
Feel like I'm possessed
I wanna handle baby daddy,
It just ain't happen yet
My wife just sent that paper there,
I just ain't grab it yet
Nominated for the Grammy's,
I went back to jail
Racist judge found me guilty,
Sent me back to Hell
Lost trial in the feds,
Went back on appeal
My lil 'ones irkin' out,
He back on them pills
Zombies lurkin ', close the curtains,
We back on the steel
The voodoo lady say, "Okay,"
I say, "I had to kill"
Get 'em down there for a show
And put that racket here

Traffic tickets, had too many,
I was gettin 'stopped
Never happen when
I'm by myself so bein' friendly stopped
I rock a lotta gold chains,
I am not a coward
I'm thuggin 'hard,
I'm connected to the higher power
Damn near lost it all
Believing 'in a bitch nigga
Okay, problem solved,
I do shit a little different

Talked about behind
The back by my own family
But I'm built Ford tough,
And I still hold up
Instances I used to deal
With tried to hurt my marriage
But I'm built Ford tough,
And I still hold up

They stack the deck with bitch niggas,
Everybody backs' em (They do)

Been in the game since shit stains
And I'm 'bout that action (I'm' bout that)
I never ratted, a Louisiana livin 'legend
Bitch, I'm in traffic,
You play with Gates,
You got to wet it (Grrat)
Just remember, I'm not a talker,
I'm a stepper (I'm a stepper)
Broad day, I go to walkin 'up,
Applyin' pressure (Boom, boom, boom)
Free C Murder (Ooh),
They tried to ban me from the prisons (Ooh)
Maybe they know I'm only happy
When I see my niggas (Ah)
Maybe they wanna see me broke
Or dead or back there with 'em (They do )
Shoutout the ones in the system
With a life sentence (Oh, oh)
Woman pregnant for another brother,
Never visit (Don't)

Shoutout the ones
Who still show love in the city
The way they hate you,
Make you kinda hate to fuck
With the city (Hm)
Gangster reason, long nights
I remember (I remember)
I ask Big Dana for some pictures,
I just really miss ya (Whaddup?)
Roamin 'the trenches
Where the cocaine get delivered

Say, look
Don't never go look for yourself inside
Somebody else, you heard me
'Cause some of these niggas
Outchea ain't really cut like we cut
You know , we cut from a bandana
You know, these niggas cut from shit paper,
You heard me

That shit sounds good
Until it takes place
But I'm built Ford tough,
And I still hold up
But I'm built Ford tough,
And I still hold up
But I'm built Ford tough,
And I still hold up

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