Not The Same Anymore Lyrics - The Strokes

Not The Same Anymore Lyrics, Presenting the song Not The Same Anymore from the album The New Abnormal sung by The Strokes. Music audio released by The Strokes youtube channel. Enjoy song Not The Same Anymore Lyrics.

Not The Same Anymore Lyrics - The Strokes
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Song: Not The Same Anymore
Artist: The Strokes
Album: The New Abnormal
Year: 2020

Not The Same Anymore Lyrics

You’re not the same anymore
Don't wanna play
That game anymore
You make a better
Window than a door

Oh, the strangers they implore
It gets so easy to ignore
Just like the girl next door

Uncle’s house,
It was noon
Sorry boy,
I can’t employ ya
You are strange,
But I like you
Sorry this is overdue
I promised
I would do it right
Her and a boy on
A Saturday night

And now the door slams shut
A child prisoner grows up
To seek his enemy’s throat cut

We’re on the way, fuel the jet
Can see that what he wants, he gets
What does your sworn enemy regret?

I didn’t know, I didn’t care
I don’t even understand

Did something wrong
I wasn’t sure
Stay on top of this, or else

I was afraid
I fucked up, yeah
I couldn’t change,
It’s too late

And now it’s time to show up
Late again I can’t grow up
And now it’s on me
They’ve given up

Uncle’s house, I forget
Violent tendencies I get
Your timing sucks
She went overboard

Don’t forget you are insured
I didn’t know
I wasn’t sure
Can’t remember all that well
I couldn’t change, was too late,

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