Quick Escape Lyrics - Pearl Jam

Quick Escape lyrics, This Song Sung by Pearl Jam from the album Gigaton. Music video is released by Pearl Jam youtube channel. Enjoy song Quick Escape Lyrics. 

Quick Escape Lyrics - Pearl Jam

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Song: Quick Escape 
Singer: Pearl Jam 
Album: Gigaton 
Release Date: March 25, 2020
Label: Pearl Jam

Quick Escape Lyrics

Reconnaissance on the corner
In the old world not so far
First we took an airplane
Then a boat to Zanzibar
Queen cranking on the blaster
And Mercury did rise
Come along where we all belonged
You were yours and I was mine

Had to quick escape
Had to quick escape

Crossed the border to Morocco
Kashmir then Marrakesh
The lengths we had to go to then
To find a place Trump hadn’t f*** up yet
Living life on the back porch
Lifting rocks to make a wage
Every sunset paid attention to
Not a starry night went to waste

Had to quick escape
Had to quick escape
Had to quick escape

And here we are, the red planet
Craters across the skyline
A sleep sack in a bivouac
And a Kerouac sense of time
And we think about the old days
Of green grass, sky and red wine
Should’ve known so fragile
And avoided this one-way flight

Had to quick escape
Had to quick escape
Had to quick escape..

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